2006 – Present, Bio Nutraceuticals / AFS

I was originally hired by Bio Nutraceuticals to update their websites. Since then, I have also taken over the roles of sysadmin and graphics designer, and programmer.

Special thanks to the nice boss lady who lets me pursue my technical interests! I came in knowing the basics of HTML and a little Flash. I have since learned quite a bit of CSS, PHP, MySQL, and a little Javascript.

2004 – Present, Snug Harbor

This company was started years ago by my grandfather. We helped David Trimble write some of his genealogy books, sell David Trimble’s books, and made hand-made miniature grandfather clocks. My grandfather handed this company over to me in 2006. I do not have clockmaking tools in my apartment, but I love getting to know the genealogy customers.

2005 – 2006, Jet Webhosting

This was a short-lived venture started by a friend. We were not successful in competing against the big guys, but I did learn a lot about how to work with domains and a webserver.

2001 – 2001, Crabtree Amusements

By far, one of my favorite jobs was the 5 months I spent traveling with a carnival! I was a “Popper”. I spent my days making cotton candy, caramel apples, and sno cones.

I left at the end of the season, to create a more stable home for when my daughter was born. My goal is to stay involved with the carnival life through web design.

2000 – Present, Freelance work

I have done small jobs here and there since I was 18 to gain experience and help ends meet. Tasks have included making logos, business cards, flyers, photography, and web design. (Plus some yard work and babysitting, but I think those are irrelevant to Michelle’s Masterpiece.)


2007 – Present, Internet and Private Consultation

After befriending a super-genius computer nerd and taking some online web design classes, I came to realize that there is a lot to learn through websites like w3schools – without increasing my student loan debt!

2005-2006, Colorado Technical University Online

I made it about halfway to my bachelor’s degree before the demands of having a full-time job and a four-year-old got to me. My grades started to drop, so I took a break.

These were online classes. – I live in Texas.

1996-2000, Greenville and Allen High Schools