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Clean, Simple Web Design

I have worked on over 20 websites over the last 12 years. Prices have ranged from as low as a one-time fee of $50 to over $200 per week, depending on how busy the project keeps me.

Web Design Portfolio


Most of the work for this website is in the backend, which means that it is not visible to the public.

This website already existed but was in need of a cleaner redesign when they hired me.



This is one of the many hobby-websites that I do in my free time. It was originally hand-coded, but once it reached a certain size and traffic level I switched to WordPress.



Another website that already existed before they hired me, but was in need of some redesign and cleanup. I kept their logo, the way they wrote their name, the green textured background, and some of their original images for a "familiar" feel to returning visitors.




One of my newer personal projects. TexasCarnivals has been such a fun success. I started this website to cover events in other states and so that I could have a generic name to use in my writing.

This website is also WordPress based. I use their Atahualpa theme for more power to easily customize the look.



Clients who use me for both web design and website hosting recieve a special discount. If you are only here for hosting, my prices are as follows:

50MB 500MB 1G 2G 5G
50 mb of space 500 mb of space 1,000 mb of space 2,000 mb of space 5,000 mb of space
500mb bandwidth 5000mb bandwidth 10000mb bandwidth 20000mb bandwidth 50000mb bandwidth
$10/year 1 year - $20 1 year - $30 1 year - $50
6 months - 27.50
1 month - $5

1 year - $75
6 months - $40.75
1 month - $7.50


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