Clean, Simple Web Design

I have over 18 years of web design experience. My emphasis is on making sure your website is easy for visitors to navigate and use. Prices range from as low as a one-time fee of $50 to over $200 per week.

My goal is to specialize in WordPress, plus a few simple hand-coded sites to keep my skills sharp. I offer:

  • Hand-coded Basic Website Creation (Preferred size: 1-20 pages)
  • WordPress for clients who want more features or to add their own content.
  • Cleanup of existing website layout and code.
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and some Javascript skills.

Web Design Portfolio

Snug Harbor Productions

Project: This company was started by my grandfather many years ago. He sold genealogy CDs, hand-made miniature grandfather clocks, and other crafts. In 2007 he handed it over to me. I have since automated paperback book ordering and digital downloads.

Alright Amusements

Project: Texas Carnivals has been such a fun success! I started this website to cover events in other states and so that I could have a generic name to use in my writing. Previous Screenshots:

Nature’s Renewal

Project: Website makeover, including product photography. I kept this website’s original logo, green textured background, and a few of the original images for a “familiar” feel to returning visitors. This project gave me an opportunity to improve my photography and…

Texas Carnivals

This is one of the many hobby-websites that I do in my free time. It was originally hand-coded, but once it reached a certain size and traffic level, I switched to WordPress.


Project: Rebuild cluttered website. Most of the work I did for this company was in the backend, which means that it is not visible to the public. I am very grateful to AFS for giving me the opportunity to learn…


Clients who use me for both web design and website hosting receive a special discount. If you are only here for hosting, my prices are as follows:

50 MB

50mb space
500mb bandwidth


500 MB

500mb space
5000mb bandwidth

1 month - $5.00
3 months - $15.00
6 months - $27.50
1 year - $50.00

2 GB

2,000mb space
20,000mb bandwidth

1 month - $6.50
3 months - $19.50
6 months - $35.75
1 year - $65.00

5 GB

5,000mb space
50,000mb bandwidth

1 month - $8.00
3 months - $24.00
6 months - $44.00
1 year - $80.00

More package sizes available upon request. Also ask about my other webhosting company, which offers more space at a lower price!