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An exciting adventure awaits!

Major cutbacks at my day job will be leaving me with more spare time on my hands. This is the year that my fun hobby will become how I support my family.

Price increases - sorry folks.

I have been offering several services at near break-even rates. As I emphasize the importance of making this a profitable business, my rates for extra services such as webhosting, advertising, and business card and flyer design must go up.

New - Harmonious Hosting

I have also taken the plunge to become a GoDaddy / Wild West Domains reseller. Major registrars lure you in with super-low rates then charge between $15 and $35 per year to keep your domain name active.

Through my new website, I will be selling .com domains for $12.99 per year. Website hosting starts as low as $3.99 per month! Other offerings include VPS, Dedicated servers, SSL certs. Don't want your stuff on GoDaddy's servers? No worries, I still offer cPanel hosting to my friends, family, and web design clients.

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