I recently ran across the list of what I hoped to accomplish in 2012. It was discouraging to see how few of my goals had become reality. My lazy side said to re-use this list as my 2013 resolution. But my logical side said that it is time for a new plan of action …

2013 will not be the year that I loose all that extra weight or the year that I get out of debt. I am not going to learn 3 new languages. I am not going to spend as much time as I want with loved ones. And as much as I hate to break the news to my significant other- this will not be the year that all our clutter gets organized.

2013 will be is a year of accomplishment!

I might not check off many of my big goals this year. But for every week and for every month this year, I will set some small goals that will get me closer to being where I want to be. Week 1 has already been a success! I reprioritized my work schedule to make sure some of the smaller projects get taken care of while I work on my big (multi-month) project. I walked to my grandmother’s house this afternoon for my health and to spend more time with family. Tomorrow will be a mini-vacation after my daughter’s eye dr appointment. I think this is going to turn out to be a pretty good year.

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